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Our journey started with a dog named Ella, and at the time, all we were looking for was a dog that we could take hunting from time to time. We didn’t know how this one dog would turn into a life passion for developing and nurturing the Labrador breed. At Fire and Ice Retrievers, we believe that a great dog starts with a solid foundation and this starts before the dog is even born by researching and only breeding to the top retrievers that are sound genetically and have proven themselves competitively and in the field. Once a puppy is born, we begin their life’s journey by using Early Neurological Stimulation, also known as the “Super Dog” program, from day 3- 16 of their life along with lots of socialization and exposure to life experiences, so they become bold and are ready to face what life will bring them with confidence and perseverance.  With each litter, we pick one or two puppies that will continue with us as we continue their development using techniques that we have developed with the guidance of top retriever trainers we have worked with to bring out the best in each dog as they develop. Once they complete our program, they are either placed with a forever family or integrated into our training and breeding program as part of our family.

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